Five Strengths Common to All "Superleaders"

Dr. Warren Bennis
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Dr. Warren Bennis, professor of management at the School of Business Administration at the University of Southern California, conducted a four-year study of outstanding leaders. After examining the source of their strength, Dr. Bennis discovered what he believes are five strengths common to all "superleaders."

  1. Vision the capacity to create a compelling vision of a desired state of affairs.
  2. Communication the capacity to communicate that vision in a way that gains the support of others.
  3. Persistence the capacity to maintain the organization's direction, especially when the going gets rough.
  4. Empowerment the capacity to create a social structure that harnesses the energies and abilities of others to get the best results.
  5. Organizational learning the capacity to monitor an organization's performance, learn from past actions, and use the resulting knowledge to forge a course for the future.