Disaster/Emergency Preparations & Recovery Resources

Help Disaster Victims - Leading Disaster Relief Agencies

  • Disaster and Emergency Resources (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services): Prepare, Respond, Recover
  • Ready.gov - Plan Ahead for Disasters. Prepare for and respond to emergencies including natural and man-made disasters.
    • Disasters and Emergencies – Stay Informed (Ready.gov). Know what disasters and hazards could affect your area, how to get emergency alerts, and where you would go if you and your family need to evacuate. Make sure your family has a plan and practices it often.
    • Campus Ready (Dept. of Homeland Security): Colleges and universities are encouraged to review, update and exercise their emergency plans several times per year.
    • Red Cross Disaster Apps: Stay safe during emergencies with expert tips & useful tools. Check the Emergency App, Hurricane App, Tornado App, and Earthquake App.
  • 12 Tips To Consider When Choosing A Backup Generator: Power outages are always a present threat to many consumers. Generators can come to the rescue when you lose power. Modern home backup generators can sense a power outage and turn on automatically, delivering seamless electricity.