The Sower stained glass window, St. Francis Friary Chapel, Loretto PA

Fr. Brian Cavanaugh, TOR 

Leadership Development and
Motivating/Inspirational Speaker

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  • "Power to Influence: Encouragement – Key to Caring" by Fr. Brian Cavanaugh, TOR, recorded May 2018. The goal of this program is to examine how we can become most truly human in the measure in which we go out of ourselves and give ourselves for the sake of others. It looks at how you can influence the world around you through intentional, conscious acts of encouragement – these are the keys to caring, the power to influence.

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Seems that a positive aspect of live-streaming daily Masses is that they are being recorded and being stored at Live at FUS – Archive of Daily Masses and Holy Hours from Franciscan University of Steubenville (Franciscan University YouTube Channel).

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  • St. Francis’ Prayer of Discernment: An Introduction — Part 1. One of St. Francis of Assisi’s most well-known prayers is his "Prayer to Discern God’s Will Said Before the Crucifix." Father Jonathan St. André, TOR, Vice President of Franciscan Life at Franciscan University of Steubenville, explains how this prayer can help us discern God’s will in our lives. Exploring this prayer with him is Father Brian Cavanaugh, TOR, a member of Holy Spirit Friary at Franciscan University, a motivational speaker on "the power of story," and author of the "Sower’s Seed" series from Paulist Press for preachers, teachers, and public speakers. Download MP3 (13:10 min.).
  • St. Francis: A Practical Mystic — Part 2. Father Jonathan St. André, TOR, vice president of Franciscan Life, and Franciscan University storyteller Father Brian Cavanaugh, TOR, present the second episode of Franciscan Life Online, as they explain what it means to be a practical mystic in the mold of St. Francis. They continue to unpack St. Francis’ Prayer of Discernment, especially its call for "perfect charity." Download MP3 (6:51 min.).
  • St. Francis’ Prayer of Discernment: Action Is a Part of Discernment, Living Out Francis Prayer of Discernment — Part 3. How do we follow through on our discernment? For that, we need prudence — “well ordered reason applied to action,” says Father Brian Cavanaugh, TOR, Franciscan University storyteller, in this discussion with Father Jonathan St. André, TOR, vice president of Franciscan Life at Franciscan University of Steubenville. St. Francis of Assisi demonstrated prudence in founding his order — and we need to take decisive action and move forward so we can grow in the greatness God has for us. Download MP3  (11:39 min.)

  • Interviewed about the importance of story in our lives and in the spread of the Gospel by Fr. Seraphim Beshoner, TOR for “Catholic: Under The Hood” podcast, 12/02/2005. Download MP3.

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