Donít Let Criticism Destroy Your Dreams

Win Your Day
Steve Gilbert

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"The only person who never makes a mistake
is someone who does nothing."

Dr. Albert Einstein

According to a widely circulated story, Dr. Albert Einstein once got up in front of his students and began writing on the chalkboard:

9x1 = 9
9x2 = 18
9x3 = 27
9x4 = 36
9x5 = 45

9x6 = 54
9x7 = 63
9x8 = 72
9x9 = 81
9x10 = 91

There was suddenly an uproar in class as the students began pointing out Einsteinís mistake and laughing.

Einstein waited until things quieted down before delivering what was the real lesson of the day:

Despite me answering the first nine questions correctly, no one congratulated me. Instead, when I got one wrong, everyone started laughing. This means that despite being very successful, society will only notice the smallest mistake and make fun of it. So donít let criticism destroy your dreams. The only person who never makes a mistake is someone who does nothing.

Itís worth noting that we do this to ourselves as well. We can do 10 things right during the day but weíll focus on ó and beat ourselves up about ó the one thing we didnít do correctly.

You can go to the grocery store and get 24 items on your list, but when you get home and realize you forgot the 25th, youíll be calling yourself names.

Today, take a look at your own life and ask a few questions:

  • Are you quick to criticize others (or yourself) for mistakes?
  • Do you also praise others (and yourself) for all the things you get right, or do you focus only on the mistakes?
  • Do you let the fear of making mistakes keep you from trying something you really want to do?