Team Spirit

Swen Eric Nater
played for Coach John Wooden
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I have awed at a solo performance,
And spectacular flashy display,
But I crave for the best
And my eyes are more blessed,
When an unselfish team makes a play.

A play thatís so perfect and simple,
With the weaving of role with a role ó
Every piece partly seen,
Like a fine-tuned machine,
And you notice not one, but the whole.

Like an orchestra tuned to perfection,
Where harmonious beauty is found,
Every note has a quest ó
To be part of the rest,
So the whole is a masterpiece sound.

Every wild one, once blinded by glory,
Is now cured and is one of the tame.
He receives his esteem,
As a part of the team,
And is eager to sacrifice fame.

Itís amazing what teams have accomplished.
Itís astounding how much they have done,
When the ultimate call,
Is when one is for all,
And the credit is reached for by none.